Get Rid of Excess Weight After Pregnancy

5 Helpful Tips to Get Rid of Excess Weight After Pregnancy

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While motherhood is an exciting and beautiful time, it is arguably the hardest thing you ever have to do. Apart from caring for your new-born baby, you may also struggle with self-esteem issues especially if you have packed on several kilos after giving birth. To help you get your old self back, here are some tips that you may consider, to lose the extra weight after pregnancy:

Breastfeed Your Baby

Apart from providing the best food and boosting your baby’s immunity, breastfeeding will also help you lose weight much faster. One study suggests that mothers who breastfed their children exclusively for six months eliminate postpartum weight retention and reduce the possibility of gaining weight.

Get Enough Sleep

While sleeping is practically impossible when you have a new baby, it will greatly benefit your health and weight loss journey to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Many studies have shown how sleep patterns are directly correlated with weight gain. One research even reveals that mothers who recently give birth tend to retain postpartum weight even after a year if they sleep for 5 hours or less every night.

Drink Plenty of Water

Instead of drinking soda or fruit juices, you should consider drinking plenty of water. Apart from keeping you well-hydrated, particularly in this tropical weather, water intake can also help speed up your metabolism. Many types of research reveal that drinking plenty of water produces a thermogenic effect or increased heat in the body that helps burn calories.

Load Up On Nutrients and Get Light on Calories and Fat

To help control your weight, while at the same time, provide your baby with optimum nutrition especially when you are nursing, consume foods packed with essential nutrients. Such foods include fish, lean meat, milk, and yoghurt. Avoid foods that are loaded with empty calories and 0 nutritional value.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Professional Help

If you are having difficulty losing weight after giving birth, you can always seek help.  Do not be too hard on yourself and avoid comparing your weight-loss journey with other new mothers. Instead of being frustrated and depressed on your progress, get in touch with BottomSlim today.

The weight loss experts at BottomSlim will create a program specifically designed to address your needs and requirements. Their innovative yet non-invasive treatments will not only help you lose the excess weight but will effectively shape your body into a more beautiful you.

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