5 Reasons Why You Still Have That Belly Fat

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 You have already cut back on excess sugar intake. You are not skipping your exercises during your free time. You feel you’re missing out on some of the fun whenever you refuse dining out with your friends just to watch online videos on how you could reduce your belly fat. You know you are determined to get that bulging tummy out. But, it’s still there. What could be the problem?

Don’t worry, it is normally difficult to remove belly fat especially as people age. Burning fat is a two-part process that involves lipolysis or the process of releasing energy from stored fats into the blood, and oxidation or the cells burning of these fats to fuel the body.

Here are the five reasons you probably do not know why reducing the belly fat is difficult:

  • Wrong exercises. You keep running around the block but it seems not working. Chances are you are not targeting the core muscles to keep those calories burning. Specialists say reducing belly fat needs a combination of weights and cardiovascular training. Functional exercises are also much helpful to target the muscles to keep burning more fat.
  • Health problems. Hormonal imbalance also makes losing weight difficult. Excess testosterone production among women could result to weight gain. Those who have increased testosterone levels could also be suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is advisable to check with your doctor to see if you have hormonal imbalance or to check if you are diabetic.
  • Apple-shaped body. Doctors use the two main body shape types – apple and pear, to see whether a certain person is at risk of chronic ailments. Body shape is measured using the waist to hip ratio which indicates the distribution of fats in the body. Those with apple-shaped bodies have more weight around their abdomen, while those with pear-shaped have more weight around their thighs and hips. Doctors said apple-shaped will have more difficulty in getting rid of belly fat.
  • Stressful days. Stress from your daily routine also increases cortisol to regulate energy levels of the body. But high levels of cortisol may also increase the amount of fat and may enlarge fat cells. Meanwhile, when cortisol level increases, so do ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone that stimulates appetite.
  • Lack of sleep. A study in 2017 showed that four in 10 Singaporeans had less than seven hours of sleep during night time. The numbers were found to be higher than the rate in the United States. Lack of sleep can lock you in a vicious cycle of reaching for a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate to perk you up. It also reduces your activity time, which adds more weight to your tummy.

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