Achieve Beauty With BottomSlim

Achieve Beauty With BottomSlim

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Having a perfect and slender body is one of a woman’s dreams in life. But that dream becomes a sad reality when we look in the mirror and see a bulging tummy and a muffin top, stretch marks, and cellulite all over our thighs and buttocks.

No matter how much exercise or how we follow a strict (and mostly bland) diet, these body problems will not go away that easily. Some people do not even have time to go to the gym to sweat those fats away in the first place.

A Non-Invasive Beauty Treatment Within Your Reach

That is why BottomSlim is here to solve all those unsightly body issues. BottomSlim is the first and only painless, non-invasive beauty treatment in Singapore that that will help you shape up, slim down, and firm up your bottom half.

Now, there’s no need to undergo crash diets and fad diets just to achieve that sexy body. After all, doing so can do more harm to our health than good.

We at BottomSlim assures you that we only use all-natural ingredients and the most advanced high-technology equipment to suit your personal body treatment needs. Plus, we focus on inch loss rather than weight loss, because the former is more noticeable. Weight loss, on the other hand, may most likely due to decreased water retention and may come back.

BottomSlim’s Services

We offer the following services that cater to your problem areas:

  • Thermal Cellulite Treatment. It helps smooth out cellulite, and tightens, tones, firm, and improve skin’s elasticity.
  • Stretch Mark Treatment. We use the latest range of hydro-glycolic extracts that helps enhance skin’s texture, and visibly get rid of stretch marks.
  • Lower Body Reduction Treatment. Using a blend of herbal extracts, it will help shape, sculpt, and firm your lower body and smoothens your skin at the same time.
  • Signature Tummy, Hip, and Thigh Slimming Therapy. This treatment uses muscular electro-stimulation to activate fat digesting enzymes for tissue lipolysis to time the loose muscles whilst reducing the circumference of the tummy, hip, and thighs.
  • Thigh Firming / Contouring Therapy. It aids in the transition of interstitial fluid from capillaries to tissue and releases strained connective tissues. The result? Firmer and more contoured thighs.
We Will Help You Improve Your Self-Confidence

BottomSlim does not only cater to overweight or obese women, we also cater to women who generally have normal body weight but are not satisfied with how their thighs and tummy look like.

Basically, we want to make women of all shapes and sizes feel better about themselves and improve their overall self-confidence. In fact, we already have satisfied customers to attest to that!

Redeem your trial session of our Tummy, Hip, and Thighs™ Trim treatment at our outlet today!



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