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 Whoever coined the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ was an ancient masochist. Just imagine telling people that weight loss shall only be achieved through a torturous physical activity designed to make one sweaty, smelly, and swear off any more attempts to shed off the excess pounds.

Modern technology has made such barbaric torment unnecessary and even less effective. Instead of slaving away at the gym, the boxing ring or the track, why not start with an already sculpted body that is easier to maintain? A body that you shall want to maintain.

There is no dearth of slimming centres in Singapore. That is why making this choice is overwhelming but not necessarily impossible.

Only Natural Products Used

Health and beauty advocates are becoming stronger in their support of the green movement when it comes to, for example, weight loss. And so they should! Synthetic methods, such as surgery, are a grave invasion of the body that is bound to backfire.

Slimming centres such as BottomSlim are one of the best alternatives. They use only products with potent natural ingredients, leading to longer-lasting results. One of the secrets is simply that each treatment is targetted to a certain body area. Results are readily visible.


The business of slimming centres in Singapore is very competitive. One who has survived for a decade is no horse run one, especially when it has gained a high level of respect from discerning women.


Investing in staff training results makes them well-informed staff that is a joy to the people they encounter. Questions are answered well and hesitation fades away. A professional staff means a slimming centre is serious about staying long in the business. Investing in the staff also says that a slimming center is prepared to pamper those who will come through their doors.


A slimming program should not be considered a luxury. It is a necessity if one wants to advance in her career. It is a necessity in order to feel good about one’s self. However, one shall need to be realistic.

That is why a slimming centre who features promotions not only say they want to create a healthier society. It also means they are confident that their products and services are well worth it. And that people will be willing to find a way to come back for more.


A pretty face is a dime a dozen. Many makeup products easily hide blemishes temporarily. An endorser shall be one that people will strive to emulate in terms of aesthetics as well as more breathtaking achievements that require both talent and hard work.

BottomSlim’s choice of Cathryn Lee, a virtuoso pianist as well as a movie actress, means that this slimming centre is an intelligent choice.

Enrolling in a slimming centre means giving less amount of time and effort on losing weight so that more time can be spent on loftier pursuits.


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