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Sagging Skin

Saggy skin around your abdomen area? It is dreadful to have them on any parts of our body regardless of age. However, despite all that we might have tried, here are some possible factors which causes our skin to sag.

The cause of sagging lies closely with aging due to the loss of two important proteins created within the mid layer of skin in your body, the dermis. Those proteins are elastin and collagen.

Elastin being responsible to give your skin elasticity or the ability to bounce back and return to its original position after being stretched or moved. Furthermore, collagen is being created by the most common type of cell found in the connective tissue-fibroblast. Not only can collagen give your skin that firm and taut feeling, but it is also essential to maintain your skin’s structure.

With that being said, elastin and collagen don’t decrease in production purely due to aging. Other factors such as UV exposure, pollutants, poor nutrition or drinking excessive amount of alcohol.

Causes of sagging skin:

Weight loss:

Having spent a considerable amount of time carrying around the extra weight that you body is not accustomed to may have a lasting damage to the collagen and elastin fibers in your skin. Such damage has resulted in your skin having difficulty bouncing back to its original state.

With that being said, any weight loss will not guarantee that such damage will occur. However, it is typically through excessive or quick loss that your skin fibers may not be able to compensate causing saggy skin.


A natural part of pregnancy is stretched skin around the abdomen as the baby develops. However, after giving birth, the mother will be left with stretched, damaged skin that is unable to bounce back easily.

However, if sagging skin is an eyesore to you. You can always come down and try our 50k treatment. Our 50k treatment is a non- invasive treatment that helps to reverse localized fats and eliminate cellulite which focuses on the degradation of fatty cells, eliminate cellulite, and tackle stubborn fats. Our treatment also does help to contour, tighten, and refine deeper lines/cellulite of the skin all over the body. This treatment is definitely a choice for women who have lost weight and looking to firm up their skin.

Our treatment uses a specifically designed machine roller which moves over the body to restore elasticity, breakdown cellulite and wash them out from your body.

Reshape your body with our machines triggers the degradation of fatty cells and collagen production. Be sure to see a more defined you with a naturally firmer and smooth skin later. What else are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us now!

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