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Sweaty= More fat loss? Fact or Myth

It is commonly believed that more sweat means more fat is being lost but this is a Myth!

The amount of sweat is not a good indicator of fat loss.

Sweating is a natural phenomenon whereby our body regulate its temperature by cooling down. However, there can be some confusion as some do sweat more than others. It is common for one with more sweat glands to be sweating more as compared to one will fewer sweat glands. Some other factors that contribute to this are temperature, humidity, genetics, weight, water intake, gender, age, and fitness level.

One with a high fitness level and one with a lower fitness level can sweat equally a lot, but their reasons for sweating can be very different. One who is fitter has a better body colling process thus giving them the ability to work harder and longer whereas on the other hand, people who are unfit can also sweat more due to a significant body mass which needs to be cooled down.

So, what is the relationship between sweat and fat?

Sweating is not measurable for the number of calories burnt but it can help to lose water weight. But this loss is only temporary. As soon as one rehydrates by drinking water, weight regain will occur immediately. Hence forcing one to sweat more by exercising in hot conditions will not lead to additional fat loss. The only method to achieve fat loss is to have quantified nutrition, calories deficit and a workout regime. There are many to choose from so all is needed is to find out what is it that works for us best.

While there are various reasons for how much we sweat during a workout, this is not a measure of the success of the workout. It is only an indicator that we are active and took a step forward in our fitness journey. To achieve the desired results, the importance to stay consistence with our diet and workout plans cannot be overlooked. However, if you have struggling to stick to a diet plan, you can always speak to our consultants who will be more than happy to guide you along in this journey!

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