The Nano Series

The revolutionary solution to fat burning, the Nano Gel Series is formulated with extremely small molecules that allows the penetration of product to subcutaneous layer easily. With only one application, you are able to notice a smaller tummy and slimmer legs. Featured in Taiwan’s most well-received beauty program 女人我最大, the Nano gel series is our best seller.

Nano X Plus

Helps to boost circulation and accelerate fat burning process

Nano Firm

Maintaining the firmness of your skin after massive weight lost. Firmness are vital to skin looking young.

3D Lipo Foam

3D Lipo Foam is specially formulated to strengthen cells membrane and improving skin elasticity. When contacting with skin, microscopic explosions release the oxygen that transport the active ingredients in the most efficient way.

Reduce inflammation. Enable active ingredients to reach deep layer of skin. Oxygen penetrated into the skin result in increased elastin and collagen production.

Concentrated oxygen level regulates skin and breakdown fats, marks and cellulite.

Spot Slim Spray

The spot slim spray holds an innovative formula that combines the tensing and toning effects from breakthrough body-contouring technologies.

Working in synergy with effective slimming active guarana extract, this fast-absorbing spray penetrates deep into skin to support the fat-burning process.

This intensive formula leaves skin feeling firm and taut and the body contour is re-shaped and appear svelte and toned.


Botanical Gel

Water-based solution with high penetration power.  Active ingredients that stimulate fat burning process up to 24hours. Botanical ingredients strengthen cells membrane and prevent new accumulation of fatty deposit


Collagen Firm

BottomSlim’s Collagen Firm includes peptides and amino acids that encourages new collagen production, increases the elasticity of collagen fibers and rebuilds the resilience of collagen structure within the skin. Boost natural collagen beneath the skin with BottomSlim Collagen Firm