Felicia Chew, 34 , Sales executive

Before: 84kg Now: 72kg ( lost 12kg in 3 months) *Total cm lost : 95cm*
Problems: Post Natal Weight Gain

I first came across BottomSlim through online media platforms in 2012. During my 2nd pregnancy, I had put on a lot of weight. It greatly affected my confidence level and I became increasingly concerned about the adverse health effects.
As I have previously seen positive effects, I returned to BottomSlim to seek advice. A dedicated consultant personalized the weight loss program according to my body conditions and monitored the progression of the treatments. True enough, fast results were seen! Within 3 months, I have lost 12kg! I was able to fit into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and have more energy to handle my 2 kids.


*results may vary across individuals*


Faraliza Tan, 29, Miss Singapore World 2008

Before: 74kg Now: 54kg *Total cm lost : 61cm*

Always there to provide a listening ear and good advice on weight loss, Bottomslim’s specialists have guided me well throughout my weight loss journey. The techniques that they use have been able to firm and shape up my tummy and thigh areas. I regard most of the Bottomslim therapists and consultants as my friends. While undergoing treatments at Bottomslim regularly. I am proud to say that I have lost a whopping 61cm in four months! Thank you Bottomslim for helping me achieve success!



*results may vary across individuals*

Eda Heng, 28, Educator

Now: 55kg *Total cm lost: 56cm*

In the past, I was really concerned about having a heavy lower body. I was afraid to wear shorts due to the stubborn fats on my thighs. My level of confidence further decreases whenever I try on new clothes during shopping!

After seeing BottomSlim’s advertisement, I decided to try out the complimentary therapy. The friendly consultant customized a series of treatment focusing on my area of concern (thighs). I was pleasantly surprised to see a huge difference in the width of my thighs in just 6 sessions! I was delighted when my partner commented that my thighs look slimmer. Now I am more confident to wear shorts and mini dresses!


*results may vary across individuals*


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