Common Weight Loss Myths

The Truths Behind the Most Common Weight Loss Myths

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Losing weight is much more complicated than merely exercising and controlling one’s food intake. If you are one of the many Singaporeans who is working on a slimmer body, here are the truths behind the most common weight loss myths you need to know:

It Takes More Than Willpower To Lose Weight

If you are not making significant progress in your weight loss journey even after controlling your diet for several months and following a strict fitness program, do not be frustrated because it takes more than willpower to lose weight. While most people tend to assume that obese people are lazy when it comes to exercising or are uncontrollable when eating, studies show that there are many factors related to obesity such as genetics and various medical conditions. This means that no matter what you do if the genetic and physiological causes will not be addressed, it would be impossible for you to reach your desired weight.

Eating Breakfast Will Not Necessarily Help You Lose Weight

One of the most popular weight-loss myths is that you better not skip your breakfast if you do not want to gain any more weight. Many weight-loss “experts” quote observational studies to support this claim. Unfortunately, observational studies are not completely reliable considering that researchers have no control over the subjects. To check the validity of the results of observational studies claiming breakfast is linked with lower body weight, a randomized controlled trial was conducted. The results of the said study suggest that eating breakfast has no discernible effect on weight loss.

Eating Can Help You Lose Weight If You Eat The Right Kind Of Food

Eating a lot does not mean you are going to gain weight. What contributes to weight gain is eating the wrong types of food. If there are certain types of food that make you fat, there are also foods that can help in weight management such as protein. Consuming more protein instead of carbohydrates and fat have been found to reduce cravings, make you feel full longer, and boost metabolism.

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