Reasons for Losing Weight among Women

Top 5 Reasons for Losing Weight among Women

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Do you ever wonder why many women want to lose weight? They perform all kinds of exercises regularly and shift to healthier diet plans to avoid gaining extra pounds. There are those who also take supplements together with their regimen to speed up the weight loss process. In addition, many women who want to lose weight fast turn to surgery like liposuction for instant results.

But why do women do these in the first place? What motivates them to totally change their overall physique? Below you’ll find some of the common reasons why women want to lose weight.

Achieve Confidence

Women who feel good about themselves exude a certain kind of confidence. Overweight or obese women are often ridiculed for their bulges plus the fact that they have to pay extra attention when it comes to dressing themselves in a way that won’t reveal those unwanted fats. In order to boost their self-esteem, they change their image altogether and it all starts by losing weight. Once they achieved their desired weight, they’ll feel happier and more confident about themselves.

Go Healthy

You know what they say. Obesity can lead to some serious health problems when left untreated. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, approximately 80 percent of individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese. That’s because obesity causes cells to become more resistant to insulin, the hormone responsible for carrying sugar to the cells where it’s converted to energy. Once a person develops resistance to insulin, it will lead to high blood sugar. Aside from diabetes, obesity can also cause heart diseases, stroke, cancer and gallbladder disease among others.

Career Advancement

Mind you but one of the reasons why women want to lose weight is for career advancement. For instance, those who aspire to become models need to lose weight. Though plus size models are becoming in demand because of their curves, skinny models are still more popular and receive greater number of contracts. On the other hand, those who are already in the modelling industry ensure that they remain fit as possible to compete with other models.

Preparation for Motherhood

Women who want to conceive and be ready for motherhood also exert effort to lose weight. They want to be fit and healthy to provide the necessary nourishment their baby needs. Being overweight can make them prone to high blood pressure and diabetes which can complicate pregnancy and lead to serious disorders that can greatly affect their unborn child.

Attract Men

Perhaps the most common reason why women lose weight is to attract the opposite sex. Let’s face it. The first thing a man notices in a woman is her figure and the female population is very much aware of it. It’s no surprise that many hit the gym, go on extreme diets and take diet pills all because they want to be more attractive to men. Having a sexy body is an asset that can never be denied especially in today’s world when majority of men want sexy partners.

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