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Top 6 Ways to Stay in Shape Even If You Don’t Have Time

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Keeping fit and healthy is possibly one of the many goals each of us wants to achieve. We all have that ideal body in mind but reaching that target is often times very difficult considering the busy lifestyle. It is, however, very much possible to stay in shape even if you’re always on the go.

Here are six ways to kiss your shaping up woes away:

Keep Water Bottle at Bay

Yes, water is a miracle worker. It flushes out toxins, has zero calories and boosts the metabolism. Drinking it before meals will suppress your appetite as doing so will make you feel fuller. Thus, you tend to consume lesser food. Many studies have also found that by drinking more water, you are helping your body retain less water so you lose weight.

Hit the Bed

Getting enough sleep is not only good for your mental alertness as it can also do wonders in keeping you in shape. Without sleep, you feel so tired that the level of stress hormone cortisol also spikes. This would then increase the appetite leading to overeating. Try your best to hit the bed early so you can enjoy a longer snooze fest.

Get Moving

There’s no need to hit the gym just to have a sort of physical activity. The more appropriate thing to do is not to slack off and get moving. Try walking or biking to your office instead of using the train. Stand up and stretch at least every 30 minutes if you are behind your desk. Even committing to doing the household chores like sweeping, dusting, mopping or scrubbing will do wonders. Just keep on moving.

Have a Healthy Meal Plan

Nothing beats a good plan. This is also true in your quest to get in shape. Planning your meals during the work week will allow you to weed out the unhealthy and commit to eating clean. You can allot an hour or so of your Sunday to do the planning and meal preparation. There is no need to go fancy. Just grill your protein, toss some vegetables, pack a little bit of fruits and you’re good to go.

Prepare Some Snacks

There’s a big tendency for you to munch whatever you see if you feel the urge to eat. This proves to be a challenge in getting fit since most snacks available are junk foods that are loaded with calories and carbohydrates. The best thing to do then is to prepare your own trail mix. Carry them around so when you feel like having a bite, you’re going to eat clean and healthy.

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