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Our Techniques

A recent market survey done by BottomSlim has resulted that the belly, hips, and thighs are the most stubborn areas for weight loss and toning for women, with the main problem of cellulite, the lumpy, 'orange peel' appearance of the flesh especially on the thighs and hips.

BottomSlim helps achieve weight loss using proprietary slimming techniques and equipment. Not just a weight reduction program, the BottomSlim approach is also an advanced body shaping program for people who are unable to exercise for medical reasons.

BottomSlim programs are tailored to each individual need by a professional consultant along with advice on diet and lifestyle changes for better results. Our unique program includes trimming techniques, thermal cellulite treatments and muscle toning combined with a range of topical creams and gels.

At BottomSlim, our dedication to inch loss goals, especially to the lower half of body, begins the moment you step into our centre. Careful analysis is performed before personalizing each programme to meet your unique needs. Only the latest and most effective slimming technologies are used to help shed your stubborn cellulite and create the attractive silhouette you desire.

Effortless, easy, and affordable, our cutting-edge treatments targeted at your lower half body are designed for amazingly stunning results.

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