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“Always there to provide a listening ear and good advice on weight loss, BottomSlim specialists have guided me well throughout my weight loss journey. The techniques that they use have been able to firm and shape up my tummy and thigh areas. I regard most of the BottomSlim therapists and consultants as my friends. While undergoing treatments at BottomSlim regularly, I am proud to say that I have lost a whopping 61cm in four months! Thank you BottomSlim for helping me achieve success!"


—  Faraliza Tan, Miss Singapore World 2008

Weight Lost: 9.2kg
Overall CM Lost: 116cm

"My resolution is to lose weight on my tummy, hips and thighs. Through friends’ recommendation, I found BottomSlim. Now I feel so much more confident with my appearance and also feel more healthier with significant weight lost!”


*Results may vary across individuals

- Jasline, 30

Total Weight Lost: 2.2kg
Overall CM Lost: 35cm

"I have always wanted to lose weight – especially on my tummy - so as to regain my confident and my health. I chanced upon BottomSlim on a Roadshow at Novena and decided to give it a try. My social circle has broaden with my newly found confidence.  I always look forward to the next treatment with my consultant"


*Results may vary across individuals

- Irene Ho, 60

Weight Lost: 5kg
Overall CM Lost: 68cm

"Working in a desk bound environment, I was looking for an easier way to shed the bulging tummy and this is when I saw BottomSlim advertisement on TV. I am now more confident with wearing body hugging dress!"


*Results may vary across individuals

- Lilly Wong, 36

Total Weight Lost: 3kg
Overall CM Lost: 88cm

"Feeling flabby, I tried hitting the gym but I have difficulty in keeping up with the routine. This is when i chanced upon Bottomslim on a TV Award Sponsorship. Now I feel more fab than flab!"


*Results may vary across individuals

- Fiona Tan, 28

BS-Website-Tes_Cindy copy.png
Weight Lost: 4.2kg
Overall CM Lost: 57cm

"I was troubled by post-natal weight increase after giving birth. Although I managed to lose weight, I still face bulging tummy. That was when I chanced upon BottomSlim on TV advertisement and decided to give it a try. Now I have regained my figure and is able to fit into my old clothes!"


*Results may vary across individuals

- Cindy Sun, 33, Banker

Total Weight Lost: 6kg
Overall CM Lost: 63.5cm

“My family has a history of health problems such as diabetics that is related to obesity. I was very concerned about my health as I was suffering from back and keen ache from the heavy lower body. I have tried going to yoga and other exercise but due to my busy workload, I could not keep up to the regime and am happy to find BottomSlim on TV advertisement. With no crash diets and no pills, I managed to slim down! Now I feel more toned on my hips and tummy and is able to be more confident with myself!”


*Results may vary across individuals

- Cynthdia Leo, 30, Educator

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