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Are fats inert or active?

It is known to many that being overweight increases your risk of heart diseases, but you might not know that body fat is more than just a baggage, or rather it is an active substance that can negatively affect your heart health.

Fats is an active substance which release harmful chemicals that damage your arteries. Apart from that, it also damages your body tissues making it less sensitive to insulin causing you to be more prone to diabetes. Furthermore, any extra fat makes your circulatory system work overtime.

Whenever one is overweight, it’s common that people would suggest to exercise. But why exercise? How does the blood circulation help with the burning of fats?

There is a notable difference between upper-body and lower-body fat burning, and this is because fat in your lower body has less blood flow as compared to upper body fat. Lower body fat does not have the same lipase activity (lipase is an enzyme which triggers the release of fatty acids from stored fat into the bloodstream.)

To start burning your lower body fat, your body must have finished using up all the stored upper body fat to move on to lower body fat. This requires time and consistency in your exercise and diet program.

Upper body fat stores tend to oxidize more fat during exercise because of more beta-adrenergic cell receptors which tap into stored fat more easily. The lower body tend to have more alpha-2 adrenergic cell receptors which aren’t in the same rush to shed stored fat.

So how to let your body tap into stored fat?

You can do so by increasing blood flow through exercise. An increased number of reps for longer tension times on lower-body exercise can help target lower body blood flow improving the chances of your body grabbing onto lower-body fat deposits to fuel your workouts.

However, if you are a busy bee who can’t squeeze in the time for exercise, then BottomSlim will be your ultimate choice. At BottomSlim, all you need to do is to sit back and relax as all our treatments consist of increasing blood flow, metabolism and breaking down of fats into smaller particles. Feel free to speak to any of our therapist if you have any enquiries.

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