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Excess Stubborn fat

Stubborn fats are the main culprits hindering you from losing weight? Well, there are a few reasons for it.

Stubborn fats deposits can accumulate on different parts of the body and is also tough to get rid off. Despite committing to a vigorous exercise and stringent diet, you might still be unable to get rid of them.

Deposits of stubborn fats can adhere the perceived changes in muscle growth and development, making it hard for you to achieve your ideal body shape. The few major areas where stubborn fats are commonly stored are the belly, hips, thighs and the buttocks, Accumulating stubborn fats can be hazardous to your health if it is not being treated on time.

Rather than just thinking how to remove stubborn fats, why not understand the causes of stubborn fats deposit:

Improper Estrogen level in the body:

Estrogen level of the body is maintained within the normal limits depending on the body’s ability to substitute them. However, being overweight can take a toll on the hormone level of the body which causes an increase in estrogen. In a natural situation, fat cells will store fat and increase in size. When the need arises, the fat is burned to release energy. A rise in estrogen level will cause the body to store more fat than in really needs thus forming stubborn fat deposits.

Irregular eating habits:

Having irregular eating habits will make it difficult for the body to process the food you eat. Late night meals can have a detrimental effect. Therefore, having a small gap between dinner and sleep means that the body will not have enough time to assimilate nutrients from the food and burn fats.

Large Meals:

Be it during the day or night, having large meals will result the body in storing fats. Thus having small and frequent meals is an optimal choice to maintain a healthy and slim body.

Processed food:

Junk food and processed food can cause stubborn fat accumulation easily. This also includes of sweeteners, packed juices and items with refined sugar. Having processed food will cause your body to retain more fat making it hard to lose.

Alcohol and Fizzy drinks:

Having troubles with belly fat, soda drinks are the main culprit to it. Furthermore, having different form of alcohol can have different impacts to your body and the way it processes fats.

Sedentary lifestyle:

If your job requires to sit down for long hours or leading a sedentary lifestyle overall, it will only be harder for you to burn excess fats.

If you have troubles losing stubborn fats, you can always feel free to speak to our consultants who will be more than happy to guide you along to help you lose these stubborn fats.

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