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Sweating = Burning fats?

When one chooses to diet, it’s no stranger that exercising play a huge role in your diet regime.

However it’s a common misconception that the more you sweat, the higher amount of fats it is that you are burning. Sweating itself doesn’t equate to the number of calories burnt but sweating out sufficient liquid can help you lose water weight.

To burn fats, it’s crucial for you to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercise into your regime. Aerobic exercise consists of activities such as walking, biking, running, a level of activity that can be maintained for an extended period. Whereas anaerobic activities include sprinting, weightlifting, a short intense activity that makes you work to the max, and it can’t be sustained for long.

With both aerobic and anaerobic exercise have their roles to play in a well-rounded fitness routine, anaerobic exercise such as HIIT will be more effective for weight loss. But do bear in mind that total weight loss is not an accurate indicator of the progress. To track, measure fat loss instead as muscle is denser.

However, if your time is jam packed, feel free to speak to our consultants and they will be able to customize a treatment for you so that you can just sit back and enjoy as you reduces some dimensions off your body!

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