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Weight loss vs Fat loss

Ever wondered what is the difference between weight loss and fat loss when they seem so similar? Well, they meant two different issues. Weight loss refers to a overall decrease in your body weight from muscle, water and fat loss, whereas fat loss refers to the weight loss from fat and it is a more specific and healthy goal as compared to weight loss.

While losing weight, the one thing you can’t live without would be the scale. However, a weighing scale is not a good indicator if what you have loss is fat loss or weight loss. Whereas having a body fat scale will be a better indicator of your body composition by measuring the amount of fat and muscle percentage that you have.

Having significant weight loss may be good news for you but this includes water and muscle, whereas losing muscle can be detrimental as muscle plays a crucial component in your overall health. Maintaining a healthy muscle has its benefits: healthy blood sugar, maintaining healthy fat level and control inflammation, whereby higher fat to muscle ratio will result in chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Furthermore, maintaining a healthy muscle mass can also reduce the risk of age-related muscle loss causing you to be frail or even disability. Do you know that having more muscle implies that more calories will be burnt as you rest.? This explains why men has a higher calorie need as compared to females. Similarly, with a reduced muscle mass implies the lesser the number of calories you burnt while at rest making it easier for you to regain any weight which you have lost previously in the form of fats.

To lose fats and not muscle, it is crucial for you to have a diet rich in protein. Proteins makes enzymes which helps in digestion and enzyme production, regulating fluid production and support immune health.

Protein is also important for maintaining the muscle you have and support new muscle growth especially when you are looking to lose weight and a calorie deficit diet.

However, if you are uncertain or clueless on where to start, you can always consult our friendly consultants who will be able to guide you along the way!

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