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Feeling Sluggish all day long?

Fatigue comes in two forms: physical and mental. Physical fatigue happens when one feels a lack of energy to engage in physical movement with symptoms such as body aches, headache, and poor vision. Mental fatigue whereas causes feelings of sleepiness, poor mood, and difficulty in focusing, thinking, and processing emotions. These are usually related to lifestyle or medical causes.

Here are some causes of it:

Insufficient sleep:

The lack of sleep does contribute to both physical and mental fatigue. When your body and brain fail to get 7-8 hours of rest, one will feel sleepy throughout the day. Having sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnoea are common causes of fatigue. People who do shift work, long working hours tend to be sleep deprived. Furthermore, consuming food and beverage which contains caffeine or other late-night activities can disrupt your sleep cycle depriving you of your precious rest time.

Poor Diet:

Having a diet which is lacking in macro and micronutrients can lead to fatigue as these deficits will affect your body normal functioning and eventually weaken your immune system. A poor diet which lacks in whole food and high in sugar along with low iron, folate and B12 levels can be a cause of it.

Weight issues:

Being overweight and underweight can affect your physical energy along the day. Overweight people tend to feel tired more easily as they are carrying more weight around. Whereas underweight people may be lacking in terms of energy.

Level of activity:

The level of your daily activities does play a contributing role in the cause of fatigue. People who are overworked are bound to experience fatigue both mentally and physical whereas people who are too sedentary and inactive can also experience fatigue as their minds are conditioned to do nothing so even the smallest task can feel exhausting for one.

With some of the causes as mentioned above, here are some methods in which you can try to kick some of these sluggishness away:

Get your blood pumping with exercise

A quick 15 min jog can give one a pleasant rush of endorphins and significantly boost your energy level and mood. Regular exercise is crucial as it ensures that your fatigue problems don’t come back but do note not to overdo it as too much exertion will result in the opposite effect. One can always start off with simple exercise and slowly build up the intensity of your daily routine.

Recharge your energy with frequent small meals:

Keeping yourself full will help to maintain both your physical and mental level. Small meals imply healthy snacks such as raw nuts between meals to help keep you energize. Avoid heavy meals as it can lead to food coma.

Apart from snacking, do ensure that one is eating healthily with a healthy balance of fruits and vegetables for every meal and maintaining a healthy weight.

However, if you are still uncertain on how to do it and is looking for solutions to address your body concerns, simply just pop by any of our outlets and our friendly consultants will be more than happy to assist you!

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